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I know it’s obvious, but London is a pretty big place. That is why we’ve focused on developing our knowledge and expertise in specific areas in West London.

Kensington, Fulham, Shepherds Bush, Acton and Ealing are just some of the areas you can find us.

We focus on these areas to make sure that we can give every property the attention it deserves and not spread ourselves too thinly across the capital.

And, as we know the area so well, we’re experts in valuating properties to get the best value for our landlords.

But now you can get even better value – enter your details to the side to claim our special offer of a years’ worth of fee free letting – now.

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How would you rate the services offered by Centrum Properties?

I have found “Centrum Properties” to be very efficient and helpful on all occasions.   They take a lot of the angst out of managing properties and dealing with tenants’ queries and maintenance issues.  I have never had a delay in sourcing new tenants when my properties become vacant.   I presently let out two properties through “Centrum Properties” and have found that they seem to be able to select the right sort of tenant for the right property.   So far I have found letting my properties “hassle free” both with regard to the tenants and also maintenance issues.


Would you suggest that other landlords work with Centrum?

I would not hesitate to recommend “Centrum Properties” to other landlords, as in the past I have had an unpleasant experience with a previous Agent, who was not only careless with my property but also dishonest.   This previous experience has made me all the more grateful to have found “Centrum Properties” who are not only highly reliable but also courteous and go that extra mile when hiccups occur, such as heating problems or other maintenance issues.

I would also advise that a Landlord with a portfolio of properties take advice from “Centrum Properties” as they have international links and understand the legalities and complexities of owning more than one property.   For a landlord who is not London based and lives out of the country one may be assured that

“Centrum Properties” are ahead of their game and keep a watchful eye on all issues with regard to letting, making sure that both Landlord and tenant abide by the rules and that the tenancy runs smoothly from start to finish.

What’s been the best thing about working with Centrum?

It would seem that “Centrum Properties” have a fund of knowledge and reliable contractors who are readily available with competitive prices.   It’s not always easy to source decent contractors when one is working or out of the country.

Centrum Properties have always responded to any issues arising with letting.

So far, I have found no problems with Centrum Properties and continue to feel secure in the knowledge that they are behind me and take care to make sure that the tenants are happy and that everything runs smoothly.

What problems did you experience before working with Centrum?

I have found previous Agents very “laissez faire” and one does not feel an assurance that they are in charge.   I experienced a situation whereby the tenant had not paid the rent and I had to take the reins to secure payment.   When dealing with an Agent you should be assured that payment is made on time and the money is credited to one’s account so that one’s mortgage is paid on time.